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Did you know that leaves absorb air pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide and then give off oxygen?

Trees restore natural harmony to the urban environment.

Air-conditioning costs are lower in tree-shade homes.

Trees offer cooling, the larger the tree the greater the cooling.  By using trees in the cities, we are able to moderate the heat-island effect caused by pavement and building on commercial areas.

Radiant energy from the sun is absorbed or deflected by leaves on deciduous trees in the summer and is only filtered by branches of deciduous trees in winter.

The more compact the foliage on the tree or group of trees, the greater the influence of the windbreak.

Trees are a wise investment because landscaped homes are more valuable than non-landscaped homes.

Trees intercept water, store some of it, and reduce storm runoff and the possibility of flooding.

Tree can provide privacy, emphasize views, reduce glare, direct pedestrian traffic and provide background to enhance architecture.

Trees can affect wind speed and direction.

Trees attract birds and other wildlife

Trees moderate climate, improve air quality, conserve water and harbor wildlife.


Are you convinced you need to plant a tree?  I know I am.  You still have time to plant a tree and receive all of these benefits for many years to come.