November 7, 2014 | Posted in:Uncategorized

If you are planning on using a live Christmas Tree this year you need to dig that hole before the ground freezes.  Be sure to choose a spot will allow the full growth of the tree you choose.

Here are a few tips to help with the survival of your tree:

  • You’ll need to keep it in a sheltered location, away from wind and sun, until it’s time to bring it inside.
  • Small sizes have the best chance of survival.
  • Keeping your tree inside for only a short time will improve the chance of success when transplanting.
  • Dig your planting hole now, and be ready to plant your tree after you’ve enjoyed it for a week or so during the holidays.
  • If you don’t know yet, choose a site now, and make sure there is enough space so the tree can mature to its full height and width gracefully. Go outside and stand where you envision planting your tree and look up. Are you standing under a power line? Look around. Have you allowed enough room in all directions for the mature width or your tree? If not, move your site now.
  • Water thoroughly as needed, but do not apply fertilizer.

We have Norway spruce, White Pine, Canadian Hemlock, Silver Spruce this year.