September 27, 2014 | Posted in:Uncategorized

Do you know what hardiness zone you live in?  If not, you can go to  This is the most up to date map available by the USDA.  Enter your zip code and it will tell you.  We are now zoned a 6a.  This means that the average minimum temperature ranges from -10 to -5 (F).    That does not mean that we won’t have temperatures below that, as we did last winter, but that was the average between 1976-2005.

So when researching new plants for your garden, be sure to check the hardiness zone for that plant.

Many people lost plants last winter to the cold, but there were things that survived that we didn’t expect to.  For instance, I purchased a crapemyrtle plant for my parents last year, this spring it looked as though it was not going to make it.  Much to our surprise it came back and is doing very well.  It did not bloom, this year but blooms will return next year.  Many patient customers waited to pull those plants that looked the same and many plants did actually survive, others did not.

We at Wischmeier’s do our best to research, order and sell only plants in our hardiness zone, as hardy plants.