Donna Stanley presents “Gardening for Birds” at Wischmeier Nursery.

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Donna Stanley is a Park Ranger at Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, Seymour.  Plan to attend this great class at Wischmeier Nursery on Saturday, March 1 at 2:00 pm.

Information on Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge.

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1966 as a refuge to provide resting and feeding areas for waterfowl during their annual migrations. The refuge includes 7,724 acres near Seymour, and a 78-acre parcel, known as the Restle Unit, near Bloomington. The refuge mission is to restore, preserve, and manage a mix of forest, wetland, and grassland habitat for fish, wildlife, and people. More than 280 species of birds have been seen at Muscatatuck, and the refuge is recognized as a “Continentally Important” bird area.

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Will Spring arrive soon?

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This week has been a welcome to Spring, but is it here to stay?  My grandmother once said that Spring is not here until the last Oak leaves are off the trees.  While out on the roads this week I have been looking and some Oaks still have their leaves.  According to the forecast for next week, our week is just a tease to get us excited about spring.  We have been gearing up by covering our planting greenhouse on Tuesday, planting seeds, and finishing our winter cleaning in the Garden Center.  Be sure to check out our Calendar of Events to come.  Our first class will be March 1st with Donna Stanley of Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge, speaking on Gardening for the Birds.


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