Annual Pine Needle Drop

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We’ve had many questions on this occurrence.  So we wanted to get it out there what is going on.

I found this information at University of Illinois Extension website.

Autumn is the time of year when mature white pines annually drop older needles.

All trees and shrubs renew their foliage annually, producing new leaves in the spring of the year and shedding old leaves in the fall. The leaves of deciduous plants such as maples and oaks live for one growing season and then fall off, usually in a blaze of color.

Despite the name, evergreen foliage does not live forever. Actually evergreen foliage lives from one to several years, depending on the species. As new growth emerges in the spring, last year’s growth becomes shaded and is no longer the plant’s primary food. During fall, this inner or older foliage dies and falls away.

In some species like white pine and arborvitae, this fall browning takes place rather suddenly. The older needles turn a bright gold-yellow and remain attached for about 7 to 10 days depending on the weather. If we have strong autumn winds and heavy rains, these needles fall quickly. Sometimes, this natural occurrence is hardly noticed. But every few years it is very noticeable, and people become concerned.

This natural foliage drop may be distinguished from cases of severe foliage damage due to disease or stress by its uniform appearance over the whole tree and its common occurrence on neighboring trees of the same kind. It is also confined to the innermost or oldest needles. White pines bear needles in bundles of five and the needles remain together when they drop.


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Know your Hardiness Zone

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Do you know what hardiness zone you live in?  If not, you can go to  This is the most up to date map available by the USDA.  Enter your zip code and it will tell you.  We are now zoned a 6a.  This means that the average minimum temperature ranges from -10 to -5 (F).    That does not mean that we won’t have temperatures below that, as we did last winter, but that was the average between 1976-2005.

So when researching new plants for your garden, be sure to check the hardiness zone for that plant.

Many people lost plants last winter to the cold, but there were things that survived that we didn’t expect to.  For instance, I purchased a crapemyrtle plant for my parents last year, this spring it looked as though it was not going to make it.  Much to our surprise it came back and is doing very well.  It did not bloom, this year but blooms will return next year.  Many patient customers waited to pull those plants that looked the same and many plants did actually survive, others did not.

We at Wischmeier’s do our best to research, order and sell only plants in our hardiness zone, as hardy plants.



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Fall has arrived

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Here we are and it is the second day of Fall, where did summer go?

We have received our fall shipment of trees.  What a beautiful selection of Riverbirch, Redbud, Dogwood, Magnolia, Cherry and Hydrangea Trees arrived last week.

We have perennials and grasses on sale at 50% off.

We have tropicals on sale at 25% off.

You still have time to apply Winterizer to your lawn.  The last date you should apply is mid October.

You have several weeks to plant grass seed, stop by and pick that up along with your fertilizer.

Don’t forget to get your Spring Blooming Bulbs!  We have several different ones in this year, be sure to get your bulb food to go with those bulbs.


Where We Bring Out the Gardener in You!


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Perennial Sale-50% off

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We still have several perennial plants available.  Instead of storing them for the winter, we are passing the savings to you.  All perennials and grasses are 50% off!!  This does not include Crapemyrtle or Butterfly Bushes.  You still have plenty of time to plant this year.

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Mums the Word !

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IMG_20140902_164009We have lots of new Fall Flowers in stock.  We have 3 sizes of Mums.  We also have Asters, Cabbage, and Kale.



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